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Objectives of the Department :-

• Providing accurate, reliable and prompt test results to facilitates best patient care in our hospital.

• Training the staff for improvement in their skills and knowledge.

Various Sections of the Department


  • Clinical Hematology

  • Biochemistry

  • Blood Bank

  • Microbiology & Immunology

  • Histopathology & Cytology


Various Activities of the Department :-

  • Collecting and processing of samples.

  • Prompt release of results


Facilities Available / Infrastructure :-

  • Histopathology

    • Fully automated Tissue processor

    • Facilities – All Biopsies – (Surgical & Scopy)

  • Cytology

    • FNAC, All body fluids, PAP SMEARS etc...

  • Clinical Hematology

    • Fully automated 5 part cell counter(2)

    • Sysmex – K- 4500- 3Part

  • Biochemistry

    • Fully automated Biochemistry analyzer

    • Fully automated Electrolyte analyzer

      All required routine & special biochemical tests used in day to day patient care.

  • Microbiology
    Culture and sensitivity of different specimens and common Bacteriological staining.

  • Clinical Hematology

    We extend facilities for specialized tests like-
    The tests done are:- Blood peripheral smear, MP, MF, Retics, HB , TC, DC, ESR, Platelet Count, Blood Routine, Complete Hemogram, BT, CT, PT, APTT, Sickling, Coombs Test.
    Urine- Albumin, Sugar, Microscopy, Bile Salt, Bile Pigment, Accetone , SP. Gravity, Reaction, Ph. Uro bilinogen
    Stool- Routine, Occult blood, PH, Sugar
    Semen Analysis, CSF, Pleural Fluid, Ascitic Fluid, Synovial Fluid, Nasal Smear.


    Sr. Consultant :-

    1. DR. J K PATNAIK

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